We Have the Best Service Plan

Here at Go Green Cleaning Services, we’ve always wanted to be as transparent with our customers as we make their windows (see what we did there), and we believe the best way to do that is to be totally clear about our costs. Why? Because no matter how much you might love a surprise birthday party, no one likes hidden costs. Thankfully, we have one flat rate for all of our customers

Our Price

per hour

Green Cleaning

Go Green Cleaning Services is committed to providing you with high-quality green cleaning. Our cleaning products are acquired from manufacturers that source their raw materials from farms that practice sustainable agriculture. Also, our packaging and reusable bottles are properly recycled through various means.

We pride our company as being one of the first in the area to introduce a comfortable kid and pet friendly cleaning .This way of cleaning goes a long way to promote the health of our employees, our valued clients and the climate. Don’t trade your health for a clean house. With Delores Maid Services you can have all the above. We are focused on providing our clients with an exceptional cleaning each time while making your home or business a healthier place.

We Value Our Customers

When you’re hiring a maid service, nothing matters more than quality of character. At Delores Maid Services, we understand this better than anyone. We know how important your privacy is and the level of courtesy you expect from a maid services provider. With us, you’re not just working with a company that values your home or business cleanliness, you’re also working with a company that values your trust and privacy.